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The Raven and the Dove
There were two of them,
Those birds, always fighting,
A girl and a boy,
Step siblings, perhaps ten years apart.
One had fair hair,
The other had dark,
One had an accent,
The other barely spoke.
The girl was beautiful,
But her beauty was like wildfire,
Like a storm, like a wild animal, like disease,
Chaotic and deadly, yet captivating.
Her hair had streaks of brown,
Branches floating down a golden river,
Long and smooth,
Like the Nile turned into hair.
Her eyes were hazel,
The green and brown mixed together,
A suspense of time and change,
Between summer and autumn.
She was outspoken and ferocious,
As sly as a sneaking fox,
She was the youngest bird,
But certainly the loudest.
The boy was not so enchanting,
As his lovely younger sister,
And he was not as clever as she,
Nor quite as loud.
His hair was a mass of dark curls,
A thicket in midnight,
Uncontrollable as weeds,
So unlike his younger sister.
His eyes were as dark as a raven's wing,
And always alive, so alive,
Like windows to each
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Mature content
Chronicles of the Lost: Chapter 5 :iconquietdragons:QuietDragons 1 1
Chronicles of the Lost: Chapter 4
    Hannah held her breath, slowly pulling an arrow from her quiver. A herd of black deer were grazing atop one of the hills, moving slowly and aimlessly through the grass. In the pale morning light, they might've been the shadows of wandering spirits.
     Your emotions have no place in how you think.
She notched the arrow to the bow and pulled the string back. The feathers brushed against her fingers, as sharp as knives.
     Your actions should be instinctive, dutiful, and always for the benefit of your obligations.
Hannah let her breath out slowly, aiming the arrow in the direction of one of the black does that looked like it was limping a little. The doe was slowing the herd down and already making the others impatient.
     No one will get in your way. If they do, kill them.
She let go, an
:iconquietdragons:QuietDragons 3 3
Antisocial vs. Introvert
I'm not antisocial,
No, I'm serious,
I'm not,
But I am introverted.
If I were antisocial,
I would dislike everybody,
I would never go out,
And I would probably be unhappy.
But I'm not,
I'm very happy,
I love my friends,
And I love talking to them.
I love parties as much as the next person, too,
Laughing and talking and having fun,
And I love to be able to go places with my friends,
And I love having friends as great as the ones I've got.
But as much as I love all of that,
There are other things I love, too,
That people don't understand,
And some don't try to understand at all.
I love being able to sit back,
With a cup of coffee in one hand,
I love sitting in bed all day,
And reading books.
I love to be alone in the house,
I love to write and occupy myself,
And smaller things like cats and dogs,
Are enough to keep me company.
I love to open my window in the summer,
And feel the breeze come in,
Followed by the soft tinkling of wind chimes,
And the chattering of birds and squirrels
:iconquietdragons:QuietDragons 58 11
There's a monster under your bed,
In your closet,
In the woods behind your house,
In your bathroom mirror,
And most importantly,
In your head.
These are the things we're told,
From childhood to old age,
We're told that monsters exist,
Beware of weird bumps in the night,
And sounds you can't explain,
Because they're bound to hurt you.
But what if the monster under my bed,
Was scared of me?
What if it was acting in desperation,
Or self defense,
When it reached out and clawed me?
What if?
What if the monster in my closet,
Was scared of daylight?
What if it was hiding there,
Lonely and scared,
Waiting for an eternal darkness,
That would never come.
What if the monster in the woods,
Was lost?
What if they were looking for their home,
Or for a peace they only saw in graveyards,
What if their anger was because of fear,
That they would never rest?
What if the monster in my mirror,
Was trapped there?
What if there was magic involved,
Or an ancient history from ages past,
That maybe I don
:iconquietdragons:QuietDragons 22 3
Child of the Four Seasons
Her hair was a tangle of dark curls,
And her eyes were the most enchanting green,
She danced on tiny feet,
Her hands touching blades of grass.
She loved everything she saw,
She loved the flowers and the leaves,
All the newborn animals,
Al the things I had never noticed before.
She was a princess of life itself,
Strong and innocent and always kind,
And everything had a purpose,
And anything could be funny.
That princess turned into a queen,
Like a caterpillar becomes a butterfly,
And she was tall and magnificent,
Capable of anything.
I was so proud of her,
When I watched her stand with confidence,
With her chin held high and her eyes bright,
And she spoke with a lion's roar.
She didn't dance anymore,
She walked as proud as a falcon screams,
Yet she never lost that buzzing energy,
From when she was a child.
Something's changed in the queen,
She doesn't speak as much,
And when she does, she fades out,
As if afraid to speak her mind.
She said she was just tired,
That she wanted to be l
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Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
Tell me who I am,
There are voices in my head,
And things I can’t forget,
And now the mirror’s broken.
Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
Please make these thoughts stop,
I don't want to think anymore,
I want it all to stop,
And now the mirror's broken.
Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
Please save me from drowning,
Please make their voices go away,
Please make them stop looking at me,
And now the mirror's broken.
Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
I didn't realize who you were,
Please forgive me,
I never meant to,
And now I'm broken.
:iconquietdragons:QuietDragons 13 2
Chronicles of the Lost: Chapter 3
    They didn't leave when Aura had thought they would.
    When Aura returned to the stables with Reon, Jot had thrown a fit. "Do you think we'll go unnoticed? Do you think nobody's going to look at us and think it's strange? A boy, a beggar, a wolf, a pretty girl, and some horses are going to be an everyday sight? What kind of plan is that?" Jot snapped.
     "We don't have a plan. You insisted on coming with me even though I told you it wasn't a good idea. My plan was to outrun Nighthawk and get to Evensong." Aura replied just as sharply. "If you want to go back on your decision, that's fine by me. Give Reon your horse so he won't fall behind."
    But Jot refused to leave. "I don't have anywhere else to go. I don't have a choice."
    The arguing went on throughout the day, with Reon hardly saying a word on his behalf. He always stayed a few steps behind, silent. He wouldn't even follow th
:iconquietdragons:QuietDragons 2 3
Chronicles of the Lost: Chapter 2
    It had been five days since Aura had left Calhoun, Maisie, and Elyn's company. Every day that passed was another day Nighthawk drew closer. He and his guards had horses. They could cover twice the ground Aura could on foot. But going that far south for one wild horse would be too much effort for too little reward, and the risk of being caught by Nighthawk or losing the trail to Evensong was too great. If she had any luck on her side, Aura would find a horse on the cheap at Paje. And food. Gods, she wanted food.
    Here in the oak forest, sufficient food was scarce. Rodents, birds, and edible plants were scattered here and there, but any prey larger than an eagle was out of the question. Filtiarn couldn't catch birds that well, so they had stuck to rodents and rabbits. But now the animals usually ran before Filtiarn could pounce, so it wasn't even enough anymore. Both of them were hungry and lost and tired. So when Filtiarn didn't return from his hunti
:iconquietdragons:QuietDragons 3 2
Battle wounds
My battle wounds are hidden,
Beneath a layer of other things,
Patched and sewn in awkward ways,
They never quite heal,
Occasionally they bleed,
Sometimes I find the thread has come undone,
And I have to sew them up again.
They weren't created by axes or guns,
Or knives or arrows or nails,
In fact no one ever stuck me,
They were made from words,
Words that hurt more than a slap,
Or a sting or a burn or a punch,
And my battle wounds were left.
Only a few people know my battle wounds are there,
One or two or three at best,
They've seen the blood and the stitches and the patches,
They've heard how much it hurt,
To put my skin back together,
And how dreadful it is,
To have to cover them up all the time.
I wasn't always so quiet,
I wasn't always this shy,
I wasn't always this modest,
I didn't always see compliments as empty,
This is what they did to me,
These are my battle wounds.
I was told I sounded stupid when I spoke,
So I stopped speaking.
I was told that my extroversion was annoying,
:iconquietdragons:QuietDragons 15 11
Chronicles of the Lost: Chapter 1
    Aura ran. She never looked behind her, not even when an arrow flew near her head.
    She didn't know where she was running to. She didn't know what direction she was going. Her dress was torn and her hair was snagged with leaves and twigs, but none of that mattered. She had to leave. She had to get away from that place. She could hear the baying hounds behind her, and the shouts of men, and the pounding of horse's hooves. They had finally found her, after a few days of uneasy peace. Filtiarn ran at her side, his paws only making the smallest sound on the ground. They had never meant to hurt anyone. It had been a misunderstanding.
    Aura tripped and reached to brace her fall, her hands scraping against the ground and cutting through the skin. She got back up and kept running, even though her shawl had been lost, even though her dress was muddy, even though her hair had come undone; despite it all, she kept running. One of the hounds ca
:iconquietdragons:QuietDragons 2 7
Mature content
Ragnarok :iconquietdragons:QuietDragons 1 1
Mature content
Distance :iconquietdragons:QuietDragons 3 1
I am not small
   I may be quiet,
   I may be shy,
   I may be sweet,
   I may wear skirts and dresses and curtsey for fun,
   But I am not small.
   I can't play sports,
   I don't like cutting my hair,
   I love getting jewelry as presents,
   I cry at even the slightest emotional movie scene,
   But I am not small.
   I am afraid of large dogs,
   I am sensitive,
   I am considerate as possible,
   And yes, I do all of my work without arguing,
   But I am not small.
   I know that none of you will listen,
   When I finally decide to let my heart flow,
   I know that none of you will take me seriously,
   When I finally speak my mind,
   But I am not small.
   Just wait.
:iconquietdragons:QuietDragons 19 8
Shifters: Part 3
   "Why would I steal from the Vaults? I don't have any desire to turn into a dragon. And I already spoke to Julia, and nobody in her family stole anything. I'm pretty sure you have to be either really cunning or really stupid to steal from the very thing you're guarding, anyway. Especially when you know you'll have half the world hunting you within a week." I cut across Justin Knight sharply before he could accuse the Thornes of stealing. He looked at me skeptically, but for once he made no retort or snide remark.
   The Knights were, are, and always will be the enemies of the Drakes, so Justin's visit wasn't welcomed. The Knights are unicorns: the horses with horns on their foreheads that are oh so majestic and magical and everyone loves them. The symbols of St. George the dragon slayer. That's exactly why we hate them. They're goody-two-shoes with as much vanity and self-obsession as any Drake might have. We just got the worse half of the reputation because we di
:iconquietdragons:QuietDragons 1 1
Mature content
Shifters: Part 2 :iconquietdragons:QuietDragons 1 1


Game of Thrones : Oberyn Martell by p1xer Game of Thrones : Oberyn Martell :iconp1xer:p1xer 2,739 215 Ygritte by dalisacg Ygritte :icondalisacg:dalisacg 16,633 715 The Soldier - DigiPainting by Lasse17 The Soldier - DigiPainting :iconlasse17:Lasse17 86 3 Loki's Children by sandara Loki's Children :iconsandara:sandara 31,259 2,260 Black Dragon by sandara Black Dragon :iconsandara:sandara 31,497 1,332 White Dragon by sandara White Dragon :iconsandara:sandara 19,320 529 Blue Dragon by sandara Blue Dragon :iconsandara:sandara 31,025 1,357 Red dragon by sandara Red dragon :iconsandara:sandara 22,452 643 Green Dragon by sandara Green Dragon :iconsandara:sandara 21,705 727 the light before we land by sandara the light before we land :iconsandara:sandara 16,156 647 that person's name is ... by sandara that person's name is ... :iconsandara:sandara 3,717 182 Mermaid Tears Teal Quartz Pendant by QuintessentialArts Mermaid Tears Teal Quartz Pendant :iconquintessentialarts:QuintessentialArts 135 24 Elven Leaf with palest Amethyst - Fine Silver by QuintessentialArts Elven Leaf with palest Amethyst - Fine Silver :iconquintessentialarts:QuintessentialArts 670 46 a thousand years under. by citylight-skylines a thousand years under. :iconcitylight-skylines:citylight-skylines 70 14 reunion. by citylight-skylines reunion. :iconcitylight-skylines:citylight-skylines 1,059 71 River Speed Paint by Happy-Mutt River Speed Paint :iconhappy-mutt:Happy-Mutt 6,338 221



Hey guys, so... I'm pretty aware of our current state. We haven't posted anything for two months, including updates or stories. Not even poems. It's pretty awful. But there are three pretty big reasons for the stagnation of our account (among smaller things like writer's block).

1. Vera has been discharged from therapy (!!!!! congrats !!!!), but she's still taking a break from the internet. It's completely understandable, letting yourself have a little relaxation time. She's planning to officially return either in late July or early August.

2. This summer has been impossibly busy for me. I'm going to a summer camp next Sunday, and although it's fun and exciting, it means I'll be away from the computer for a while. In addition to that, a week after I get back, I'm going on a family vacation. In August, I'm going on a weekend vacation with a friend. And after that? Well, after that, school starts up again, and I'm magically whisked away from the keyboard and plunked into math and science and English classes. So my time this summer is awfully limited.

3. The Chronicles of the Lost underwent a MAJOR reconstruction over the past two months. We're still uncertain, but we're contemplating posting the updated versions (if that turns out to be the case, I am so sorry to everyone who already favorited/commented on the parts out now. Seriously, I know it's troublesome, but we think/hope it's a lot better with the editing and revisions, IF we end up posting the updated versions at all). Why was it reconstructed? Our characters were screaming at us all the things we were planning on doing that they simply refused to do. So, silly as it sounds, we had to rewrite the entire story for their sakes.

We'll try to find a way around every obstacle and shortened length of time, even if it's difficult.

Thanks for reading!

~ Admin C.
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Vera & Clara
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Hello everyone, we're Vera and Clara, two pen-pals from the U.S.A. We're both introverts and an aspiring writers. We've been writing for a long time and we hope to make something out of it, someday.
We attempt to do art sometimes (draw, paint, etc.) but it usually never turns out well. We leave most of the visual arts and crafts to other, more talented people, and we stick to the musical and literary arts. We stick to the fantasy genre and usually don't write much else, though occasionally we will write realistic things and stories taking place in the real world.
And I'll say it now: you have 0 reason to be intimidated by either of us. Some of the stuff we write can be dark, but we're about as aggressive as two chubby kittens with no claws.
So, I hope you enjoy some of our writing, and feel free to critique them as much as you like. We really appreciate constructive criticism.
Sidenote: I'm not sure who made the picture I'm currently using as my 'profile' picture. Whoever made it deserves the full credit. The artwork is beautiful.


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